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Creations Cindy Ann

Private Label

Private Label Programs

At Creations Cindy Ann, we have a unique, personalized approach to doing business. We believe that your success is as important as ours. If you're looking to enhance your own clothing line, our experienced team is ready to get production rolling.

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Image by Viktor Bystrov


We have partnered with some of the largest department stores and clothing providers in North America, developing multi-million dollar private label programs that have proven successful over several decades.


Our personalized approach will benefit your brand. We expertly identify your target consumer and selling goals. Our design team will work with you, while you watch the product go from idea to creation, fully labeled, packed, and shipped to your stores.

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Our fit technician and quality control team work diligently to ensure we produce the highest quality garments. Comfort, fit and wearability are always at the forefront of our product development.


Our strong relationships with overseas suppliers ensure we are sourcing garments responsibly and providing our retailers with the best value. This translates to competitive retail prices and superior margins for our partners.

Image by Andy Li
Image by Christina Rumpf

Customer success is at the heart of everything we do.

This mindset has allowed Creations Cindy Ann to thrive as a trusted fashion supplier for over 38 years. 

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